DIY Polaroid Album Cover

I have an Instax Mini 25 polaroid camera from Fujifilm that I’m very fond of. It was bought in Shanghai, China in the summer a couple of years ago. (It was hooot.)

It’s automatic, so I don’t have to manually focus when I use it. I haven’t been able to use it as much as I’d like, because I want to enjoy the moment right there and then instead of experiencing it through a lens…

Nevertheless, the ones that I do have haven’t had a proper place to be until today. I found an old album intended for business cards that fit the polaroid pictures just perfectly. The album was white and spotty, so I decided to sew a cover for it. A few hours later and tadaa – fancy new cover sewn by hand.

Progress and result
Progress and result

Some fabric, a pair of scissors and needle and thread. I didn’t bother to measure it up, so the black back came out a bit uneven. I’ll claim it was intentional, you know, as part of the charm.

The Insides

I’m assuming people don’t like having their picture posted on the interwebs without their permission, so I covered their faces with flowers… sneaky, indeed.


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