I Pon’t Like Political T-Shirts

As I was walking home from a short jog, a man walked past me, waving to someone in a passing car. The man was wearing a t-shirt with quite the strong political message; a big red cross over a country’s flag, a country which is currently at war/in an on-going conflict.

His shirt made me think. What would I answer if anyone asked me who I supported? When taking sides in anything political, it becomes a question about who is right and who is wrong. Who am I to judge? Here I am, far, far away from the destruction of bombings and gun fires. In safety! Why should I have anything I should have said? My opinion doesn’t matter.

Whenever you take someone’s side, you’re making the claim that that person is right, which means that someone else must be wrong. But this isn’t the question in this matter, is it? It isn’t about who is right and who is wrong. At least it shouldn’t be. War and death go hand in hand. I don’t want to support anyone in this particular conflict, because supporting one part means that I support their claims, philosophy, actions, etc. and that I disagree with whomever they are up against. Most importantly, it means that I support their war.

All I see is death. Innocent people who lose their lives. Children who suffer.

I’m an introverted person who prefers to listen to other people in most subjects rather than to speak myself, but this matter really sparks a fire within me. If a child needs to suffer in order for you to make your point or cause across, then your cause is not nearly worth the price. I cannot find the “strength” to accept that a child’s life is worth less than politics.

Using images of suffering children as propanda in an attempt to convince people to support your side in a conflict is as low as low can get. It sickens me, because it all boils down to the question about about who lives and who dies: “Our children, or theirs?”

Lastly, I am of the conviction that I am not capable nor eligible to give my opinion about a situation of which I don’t know all the facts about. (Is that ever possible in politics?) Therefore, I don’t think I would be able to answer if anyone asked me who I supported in this on-going conflict. It surprises me that not more people share this attitude.


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