Tracks of Summer 2014

Summer doesn’t last long here in Norway, but this year brought many surprises. First of all, summer lasted more than a week, which means sun and 30+ degrees Celsius several days in a row. Second of all, I managed to spend many days and nights with good company, which was this year’s goal seeing as most of my friends are moving away for university. (While I’m stayinG…)

I have a habit of listening to one single track for days, maybe weeks, on end, which my account documents. There are a few tracks I want to share with you. Listening to these reminds me of good times (all linked to Spotify):

I was supposed to see Franz Ferdinand play live in August, but wasn’t able to due to an injured foot. Injured by surgery. Laser!

Useless foot aside, I have many fond memories, as well as a horrible tan line (read: Socks and wristwatch).

Any songs that remind you of something?


2 thoughts on “Tracks of Summer 2014

  1. I get really disappointed when I don’t get to see a band I really want to see. 😦 Shame you didn’t get to see Franz Ferdinand.

    Summer is coming up for me. I will have to check out that Sexy Sadie cover because it is a Beatles song that I really love. I heard another cover of it by someone else… It also sounded pretty jazzy, actually. That Arctic Monkeys song is currently spinning for me as well – I love that whole album! I also have a habit of listening to things for days on end. If you look at my profile my current jam is the latest Velociraptor album. XD

  2. So many. So many feelings, so many memories. My Chemical Romance’s Famous Last Words is one. I don’t want to delve into those memories. I’ve went into them too many times before, and I have to move forward, but I am glad you had a good summer. Sorry about your injury!

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