A Weekend in Kristiansand

I went to a cosy town on the southernmost tip of Norway called Kristiansand last weekend to visit a friend. It’s a tiny, tiny city compared to larger cities, like our humble capital. It felt like you could walk across the city from point to point within an hour. The people also have a pleasing dialect. It just sounds so incredibly inviting when they talk!

The word “quaint” came to mind as I walked through the street(s) full of colour. Most of the buildings were houses, and some looked almost like the cottages you see in the woods. The supermarket looked like it was someone’s home, and the sea was just within eyeshot.

Polaroid pictures from Kristiansand

The dock, Fiskebrygga, was beautiful, and surprisingly hot at this time of year. I managed to get a tan. Unfortunately, it only made the tan line from my wristwatch even more visible, and I only got a colour on my left arm, because I sat on a bench in the sun for too long without moving. Stupid.

On Friday, I managed to wake up at 9 am, which is early for me. I chilled for about three hours, alone, since my friend was still sleeping, and I didn’t want to wake her up. I couldn’t move much either, because the floor at her dorm is squeaky. So I just sat there. Later on that day, I went to the zoo an hour before closing time, because the concept of planning is foreign to me, but mostly because hakuna matata (a.k.a. I value sleep). I saw flamingos, zebras, giraffes, little monkeys with white moustaches and – most important of all – meercats! I took the bus alone, which went fine, but I hopped off at the wrong stop on the way back, so I had to navigate my way at random in an unfamiliar town, which was nice.

On Saturday, we witnessed a bridal train on our way to the movies. It was short, but loud. Beforehand, another car had honked quite surprisingly as well, which startled me and made me skip a step and a heartbeat. I did not recognize the driver nor the passenger, so I was a bit thrown off. One does not honk at people when you’re on a bridge!

My friend and I also saw an odd-eyed cat chilling in a window.

Odd-eyed cat
A majestic creature

We went to see Maze Runner at the only movie theatre in town. It was great. But the movie wasn’t the most interesting part about the evening!

By the time our movie finished, there were a bunch of people outside the entrance because of a show related to the premiere of a Norwegian children’s movie about a pirate, Captain Sabertooth, who is quite big down south. There were flamethrowers, which I wasn’t aware of, that went off the moment my friend and I managed to fight our way through the crowd. It was like being shoved into a surprise hot shower. My eyebrows tingled with a crispy sensation, and I was sure they were singed. However, as I stroked my face to make sure everything was there, my fingertips brushed against the two oh-so-familiar bushy growths that are my eyebrows. It was an intense two seconds.

I wanted to get the Maze Runner-books before I left on Sunday, even though the shop was supposed to be closed, but since there was an extremely long queue inside the shop, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. It turned out that the people there had ordered the pre-release of Magic: The Gathering (which I know nothing about), and that the shop was technically closed for other customers. The owner kindly asked us to leave, but he was cool about it.

Our journey took us further away from town as my trip was coming to an end, so we decided to relax at a local café near the train station. The owner there threw us out eventually, too, so we decided to chill at a bench right outside instead (which was when I “sunbathed”).

So I was thrown out from two places over the weekend. I took the bus and got lost. I saw a cat and some other animals, Maze Runner and flamethrowers, and I also witnessed a bridal train.


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