Logo of Outland (shop)
The Logo. Look at that wizard.

The name of one of my favurites stores is Outland, which is very appropriate, since they sell very outlandish merchandise. You can find anything from books to cosplay clothing, lego and funny trinkets and figurines from Star Wars, Adventure Time (Finn and Jake, wee!), Game of Thrones and so on.

Oddly fantastic people come here. Neil Gaiman was here once. And Lise Myhre who draws the Nemi comics. I wasn’t able to attend Gaiman’s signing, but I got Lise’s autograph which I gave to a friend for Christmas.

I go for their literature section. It consists mostly of fantasy and science fiction novels, but also classics like The Divine Comedy and Alice in Wonderland. It was thanks to them that I read Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, because they sell many classics for quite cheap compared to other stores.

They sell hardback covers, which most bookshops in this area lack. I very often borrow books from the library before I buy a copy, so whenever I do buy one, I want to invest in a proper edition – hardbacks! I find most paperbacks not very durable, so I laminate all my paperbacks… which I’ve become “known” for.

I’ve found so many gems here.

Apart from the occasional hordes of geeky teens that have claimed this place their lair, it’s very pleasant to just wander here. No store clerks that ask you if they can help you, or annoying shopping music in the background.



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