A Broken Skull and Friends Left Behind

I had a vivid dream this morning which I still remember in great detail. It has been a while since I woke up from a “complete” dream. It was incredibly strange.

It was dark blue outside. I was in a dorm with several floors. In the centre of the dorm was a wooden spiral staircase. The walls were covered with peeling paint in light blue.

I was standing next to a counter with an archaeological artifact on top, minding my own business. It was a skull in a glass frame. Out of nowhere, a voice was shouting “Out, out! Everyone out!”. I looked around and saw masses of people coming from upstairs.

“What’s going on?”, I asked the person who was standing next to me, who had appeared out of thin air.

“It must be a gas leakage,” he said.

We rushed down the spiral staircase. The person in front me stopped abruptly and exclaimed that he had to salvage the important documents on this floor. I yelled that his life was more important than these documents, “You can get them later!”.

“What about the babies in the intensive care unit on second floor?”

“We can’t take them all – we have to come back for them after the evacuation!”, I shouted.

The incubators of which contained the babies were visible through the glass doors, but everyone agreed; this was the best plan.

We arrived safely outside the dorm, which was immense, on what appeared to be a beach. I turned right and saw that we were in reality standing on a dock. I couldn’t tell whether we were right next to water or not, because the ground had the same dark colour as the sky.

Unfortunately, I soon discovered that the frame with the fossil skull I was carrying had been crushed. There were only bits and pieces left of the forehead, but the jaw was intact.

We waited a moment, and thought we were safe. Nothing seemed to happen, but there was soon a silent explosion. You could see the energy moving towards us like waves, but there was no sound. Pieces of wood began shooting from the building like bullets. One of the fragments hit a guy standing next to me, impaling his left hand to his left shoulder. He began screaming, and I saw that it was Joey from Friends. The wood was covered in a thick, slightly dried up, liquid – blood.

We rushed him to the western side of the dock, away from the rain of shooting wood, but he kept on pulling us towards the dorm. “I have to go back in there”, he said. We figured that a mixture of shock from the impalement and gas in the air must have somehow poisoned his mind to the point of delusion. He was taking us straight into danger!

We eventually managed to get to a big, blue steel door on the west. Chandler from Friends helped me push open the door.

A small steel boat in Lego-fashion was waiting for us on the other side of the door. A lady with long hair told us that it would bring us to safety.

“Where?”, I asked.

“To Linderborg”, she answered.

All the people who were gathered on the dock there, including all my closest friends, but now excluding Joey and Chandler, got into the boat. However, right before we departed, I realised that I was the only one who had taken a seat. I had a huge grey stuffed teddy bear between my legs at this point. A blond lady whom I’ve ever seen before was also onboard and took the steering.

“Come with us!”, I pleaded.

“We aren’t going somewhere unknown,” was what they said.

“You’ll die if you stay here,” I shouted, but it was as if their feet had grown roots into the very ground they were standing on.

I remember the face of my friend. It was a face drained of hope, yet at complete peace with her destiny. She looked so small and defeated, while I felt so aggravated. “Please, come with us!”, I pleaded once more, but to no avail. They had made a unanimous decision. I felt helpless as I looked at all of them. Then, we departed.

The boat took us through a tunnel with mint green water. It was rocky, and we almost didn’t make it. The tunnel lead us to a big dome. The water settled, and there were green plains covering the edges of the dome with flowers growing everywhere. There was a light blue ceiling. The place was filled with talking teddy bears. Some were playing in the snow, while others were bathing by a small beach. They were smiling, but the air was filled with an uncanny feeling. Amongst the teddy bears were people in big suits. They were women with faces. One of them who passed me had brown hair, and she looked me straight into the eyes. Something was off.

Opposite of the tunnel entrance was a staircase. Water was flowing downwards from nowhere, and there was a door with a sign that said ‘Exit’ on the left. I knew that we had to get through that door.

However, before we could reach the other side of the dome, one of the women in suits moved towards the centre of the dome and pulled a black plug and revealed a great big hole. Everything in sight was sucked into that hole; all the water, all the teddy bears and all the colours, but not the women in suits. They floated out of the picture as if they were inanimate objects.

We managed to get ourselves over to the other side where there was a wooden dock, but I was becoming increasingly filled with panic. I quickly unbuckled my seat belt, which appeared sometime when we were in the tunnel, and barely managed to step off the boat onto land. I was still clutching the grey teddy bear, but the lady in the boat grabbed it and wouldn’t let go.

“Why aren’t you coming?”, I shouted at her.

“I want to see what’s in there”, she said in the voice of a child and pointed towards the big hole, without even looking in  my direction.

“You’re going to die!”, I yelled, for the second time this day, but she was determined.

I let go of my teddy bear as her grip loosened. The teddy bear fell into the water. What a waste, I thought.

The boat was taken by the rushing water and she was sucked into the hole as I dashed towards the door marked with ‘Exit’. I didn’t look back, but I caught a glimpse of what was happening behind me: The darkness devoured everything and left only a pitch black hole which grew in size. I threw the door open and moved through a curtain of bright white light.

I woke up on the other side. I was lying down on my left. It was 7.18 am, and my bedroom was freezing.

It was as if I was free.


3 thoughts on “A Broken Skull and Friends Left Behind

  1. I’m genuinely and pleasantly surprised at how this dream progressed, especially with the babies in the beginning and the teddy bears at the end. The English major and critical-analysis skills in me read this as a huge jumble of leaving childhood behind and the pursuit of adulthood, with your friends being scared of leaving behind the mess of a past that can only leave someone delusional if they remain in it.

    But I could be trying to find order in chaos. Age and growing up are also on my mind, since my birthday is tomorrow and I can’t stop thinking of the planet’s orbit.

    I really love this. Really, really love it. The strangest dreams are often the best ones. I still remember ones I had when I was very young, just because they were so strange.

    1. Your comment was really thought provoking. I really want to believe your interpretation, because I’ll soon be attending university, which marks a new chapter in life. But I might be grasping at straws here.

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