Dust Decorations

I haven’t been up to anything lately, so my mind’s been collecting dust.

My foot has been bothering me for some time, but I’ve been moving about much more the past few weeks, and the moment I was able to, I found myself cleaning and vacuuming my room and the area around my door (read: kitchen).

My walls are wooden, and the dust seems to find its way of collecting and assembling itself like garlands along the length of my walls. I don’t want these wall decorations. They’re especially visible when it’s sunny outside. I’ve been postponing removing these dust decorations since summer, but it looks like they’re staying up for the time being.

I won’t be proud of myself if this is going on my bucket list.

This brings me to a question I can’t find anyone to ask: Do you open the entry door to your house/apartment when you vacuum? If so, why?

My neighbour does this. Is she vacuuming the hallway? Making an announcement just letting everyone know she’s vacuuming? Perplexing.


2 thoughts on “Dust Decorations

  1. Ha! I don’t open the door when I vacuum, and I have honestly never considered it, even though it makes a lot of sense! I live in an apartment building where I think it would attract a lot of attention if I involved everyone in my vacuuming, so it’s probably better if you live in a house. Also, now that I have cats I know they would attempt to run out, so it would be too stressful for me, I think.
    BTW: I have never seen anyone write about dust so beautifully!

  2. I’m with Sofie. I don’t open my door when I vacuum. I actually close them. That way it’s quieter. I hate bothering people! The only reason I can think of leaving the door open is, if you’re at home and someone else told you to vacuum and you don’t want to and you’re being loud and snarky about it… If that even makes sense.
    I also think you wrote beautifully about dust. I like the connection from your mind’s been collecting dust to your house collecting dust.

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