It truly is fantastic to be alive

Moments where you rediscover yourself, that brings life and colour back to your being, are moments that belong to a special place in your heart.

These brief moments seldom come – you might not even notice when they do, before they’ve already passed – but some are hard to miss, being as intense as if struck by a light cannon. Maybe only then can you truly feel how fantastic it is to be alive.

Old songs, melodies or forgotten words that remind you of who you are, the present you, by bringing back the past version of you whom you evolved from. Listening to that song again you had on play five years ago when you were getting to know your now dearest friends. Or reading the first book that made you tear up after almost a decade.

Memories are a fine thing. They stay buried, carefully calculating the crucial moment when you need them the most to re-emerge to the surface.

You have to remember that this feeling, this state of mind, exists. Know who you are by remembering your past.


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