London 2015: Part 2

Part 2 of 3 from my trip to London.

Day 2: The Attendant

On Monday, we decided to spend the day shopping. Better get that out of the way as quickly as possible, we thought.

At The Attendant
Mesmerized by the lightbulbs

Breakfast was served at The Attendant, a café styled in the manner of a public toilet. Of course I was dragging my friends there! There were cold, green aluminium stools cramped together to create a cozy atmosphere. I had a whole chicken wrap. Felt just perfect. The actual sitting area was more toilet-y than the actual toilet, because some of the tables had a sort of porcelain toilet bowl on them and the tiles on the walls looked rather shabby.

Dinner was Italian pizza. Our waitress was super cute. She had that raspy type of voice.

Day 3: M&M’s World

Tuesday was the day of sightseeing. On our way to M&M’s World, we swung by Nickelodeon, Trafalgar Square (by accident) and Central Saint Martin before rounding the day off with Buckingham Palace.

M&M's World

We were hit with a wall of chocolate smell. So much chocolate concentrated in one place – it was overwhelming. A huge red double-decker bus with a blue (rather stoned-looking) M&M inside was there to greet us.

You could  make your own customised M&Ms with a personal text. I decided to make some to gift and to keep as souvenirs. Mmmm.

Today’s dinner was wonton soup. Delicious!


One thought on “London 2015: Part 2

  1. Making a restaurant look like a toilet sounds… odd. But at least it’s original. XD Might have to check it out the next time I’m in London.

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