About Lisa


My name is Lisa, and I am cynical of nature. I tend to regret the things that I don’t do, which means that I’m full of bitter regret. I am my own worst enemy, and I often have to deal with a guilty conscience.

Ni hao

That being said: I reside in cosy Norway, where I have lived all my 20 years. My ambitions include pursuing a career in medicine and not to die before I’m (at least) 70 years old.

The Iron Throne
Keeping the Iron Throne warm

I prefer to sit still with a book on my lap if I’m not re-watching every episode of Game of Thrones, which is our time’s most epic series. Children of our children will be asking us about this glorious time when it was all the hype, and I shall be prepared to tell them all about it.

All my money goes to books and clothes on sale. And shoes. But, most importantly, stationery. Please talk to me about stationery.

I used to be everywhere, but you can still find me on places such as:

My check list in an attempt to better my habits.


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