Bucket List

Because I don’t want to watch my life pass me by.

  1. Make a pinky swear.
  2. Graduate from medical school.
  3. Be an exchange student.
  4. Move out to my own apartment when I’m finished with university.
  5. Live on my own.
  6. Have a white picket fence.
  7. Have friends when I’m 70.
  8. Do a romantic gesture for someone.
  9. Visit Japan in the summer.
  10. Visit Australia.
  11. Take a trip to a foreign country with friends.
  12. See the Northern Lights.
  13. Explore Norway (as in visit the cities and see the nature).
  14. Watch a meteor shower.
  15. Visit a water park with friends.
  16. Visit Disneyland or Disneyworld.
  17. Visit Platform 9 and 3/4 on King’s Cross Station.
  18. Appear in the newspaper.
  19. Contribute to a book or a magazine.
  20. See the moon and planets through a telescope.
  21. Read the entire series of A Song of Ice and Fire.
  22. Read The Divine Comedy.
  23. Read Harry Potter in German.
  24. Read the Bible.
  25. Jump in a pool fully clothed.
  26. Dive into a pool.
  27. Dive into a lake or sea.
  28. Learn how to dive.
  29. Swim in a lake.
  30. Not destroy the homemade gifts from my friend.
  31. Rake leaves.
  32. Make a snow-angel.
  33. Sleep in a blanket fort.
  34. Sleep under open sky watching the stars.
  35. Entertain or perform for an audience – solo.
  36. Bike in the rain.
  37. Run in the rain.
  38. Cut my hair pixie short.
  39. Wear a bloody bikini, once.
  40. Wear lipstick.
  41. Use crutches.
  42. Walk in the 17th of May parade.
  43. Be russ (a Norwegian graduation tradition).
  44. Meet Martin Freeman.
  45. Meet Morgan Freeman.
  46. Meet Dave Grohl.
  47. Greet the King and Queen of Norway.
  48. See Kaizers Orchestra live. Two times!
  49. See The Black Keys live.
  50. Attend ten concerts or festivals. (Currently three-ish.)
  51. Learn Chinese.
  52. Learn German.
  53. Learn Japanese.
  54. Live in a foreign country.
  55. Work as staff on a medical team in a developing country.
  56. Volunteer for Red Cross.
  57. be a contact person for exchange students.
  58. Keep a steady job.
  59. Have a teaching job.
  60. Be in a happy marriage.
  61. Pop out some babies.
  62. Meet my grandchildren.
  63. Sew a teddy bear for my offspring.

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