What Is Regns?

Regns, from Norwegian:

(1) regn (noun) meaning rain, or

(2) å regne (verb) meaning (a) to rain or (b) to calculate.

With an added -s at the end for bilingual destruction. A horrible mix of Norwegian and English, resulting in Norwenglish.

I post about:

  • Personal thoughts and opinions
  • Things I draw
  • Places I visit
  • Literature, e.g. reviews of books I’ve read
  • Sometimes food


Thank you to:

  • Various portraits (incl. my profile picture)  by my friend Siri (Photography by Siri)
  • WordPress for hosting this dump
  • You. Without you, this would have been a monologue.

Because it’s not possible to create something all by yourself. Even you were made by two people working together. Unless you are a plant.


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